Our history

The history of the company Rossi Rosa has always been, since its first years, linked to its founder, Eduardo Romano. He was born in 1930 in Naples, where he has always been in contact, since his birth, with culture and art. Among the many Neapolitan traditions, there are those, very important, linked to religious celebrations, and in particular to Christmas, whose highest artistic expression is definitely the Nativity Scene.
One way, one love. Like Eduardo and his love for the Nativity. A passion that he has never neglected to cultivate during his life, despite his other work commitments.
In fact, working in the most diverse fields, he has developed different skills that he transferred, later, to what he himself called his “creature”. And honestly the company Rossi Rosa owes him all its qualities, in particular the one we care about the most, that is, being able to amaze our customers, year by year, with new and amazing products. In the second half of the 80s, the family business adventure began for Eduardo’s sons, Ciro and Massimo, who, after a while, were finally able to take over the company. Since 2012, due to the premature and heart-breaking death of his brother Ciro, Massimo has been managing the company following the same path traced with his father and brother. So, also thanks to our valuable customers, we have been working for over half a century in the field of Christmas items, and we finally became a leading company and reference point for Nativity enthusiasts.